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    • Blasted
    • Bright
    • Brushed

    • Aluminum
    • Brass
    • Cast Iron
    • Pot Metal
    • Stainless Steel
    • Steel

    • Chrome
    • Copper
    • Nickel

    Ogden Chrome uses a triple plating process by applying copper, nickel and chrome to everything we do. Your part will move from a copper plating rinse to buffering; repeating this process until perfected. This step is what defines the finish as "show chrome".

    • The steps that are taken during the copper stage make the difference between regular chrome, street chrome and show chrome.
    • Copper is a soft malleable metal that our skilled craftsman buff to remove polish lines, pits and imperfections.
    • Buffed copper provides the deep luster that gives a show chrome finish. The smoother the copper, the better.



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Ogden Chrome is proud to have been in the custom chrome plating business since 1959. Starting out as a small show chrome plating and bumper restoration shop in Ogden, Utah we have grown our specialty chrome customer base worldwide.