Light blue car - pot metal restoration in Ogden, Utah
Light blue Chromed Car -  pot metal restoration in Ogden, Utah

Top Four Reasons Why Chrome Dipping At Home Is Not A Good Idea

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Are you intrigued by the idea of handling your own chrome dipping or chrome plating needs at home? There could be many reasons why you might consider handling your own chrome. However, the actual process is long and tedious if you are looking for show quality chrome plating for any car. So before you embark on this ambitious project, make sure that you are fully aware of the challenges. These top four reasons examine why chrome dipping at home is not a good idea.
1. Show quality chrome dipping is a complex ... Read more
2. You may not achieve the expected show quality.

If you are adamant about handling your own chrome dipping at home, you must know that you cannot guarantee the expected show quality plating. Experienced companies will dip the part multiple times in copper, nickel and then chrome. In between each step, they will buffer the part to make sure the part doesn't pit or have imperfections. This process requires a lot of equipment and chemicals. Without completing these preparatory processes, you may end up with poor quality chromium plating that could peel or chip within a short time. Read more
3. The process involves handling of hazardous ... Read more
4. Disposal of the waste that you create during ... Read more
Overall, it is much simpler to send your car parts to a professional chrome plating company. The savings that you are likely to enjoy do not justify the hassles. You will be spending a considerable amount of money on the materials required for the chrome dipping process, equipment, safety gear, toxic waste management, etc. It is much more cost and time efficient to send your parts to an experienced and licensed service provider that can guarantee show quality chrome.

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