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At Ogden Chrome we specialize in high quality triple plate chrome. Beginning with copper, then nickel, the last step for that show car shine is our hexavalent chrome. Hexavalent has a stronger resistance to corrosion when compared to trivalent and the overall quality is unbeatable.
If you are looking for a plating other than show chrome, a copper or nickel plating are also featured options. To further this custom experience, there are variations in brushed, bright or our unique blasted finish. A brushed finish will have markings of a brushed look; visible parallel strokes. A bright finish is just that; a shine, mirror look. A blasted finish is a new variation that we have recently developed which works best with a copper or nickel plating. It gives the metal a sparkle look, without a reflection. It has similar clarity as a brushed finish, without the strokes, and has an added sparkle illusion. This finish has become one of our most popular choices for a copper or nickel plating, allowing your part to reference an antique look while retaining the luxury of today.
Our price points are divided into three categories; concours plating, show plating and street plating. The preparatory process for all three are the same, the difference is in the final plating process.
Chrome Car plate - triple plate chrome in Ogden, Utah
Red Car closeup - triple plate chrome in Ogden, Utah
Blue Car Display - triple plate chrome in Ogden, Utah

Concours Plating

The concours option is the highest quality choice. It doesn't matter if the part requires multiple re-processes, the part will leave our shop looking flawless.

Show Plating

Our show option is a high quality choice for vehicles requiring that perfected look. If your part has any imperfection after its final plating, it will be run through the process again until it is corrected.

Street Plating

Our street option is our most affordable plating choice available. Once the part has been prepared through the copper and buffering stage it is only plated once with its chosen finish. If any imperfections remain, an occasional bubble or blemish, the part will not be re-processed.


I was going to personally thank you and you entire staff what a great experience and chrome job you did for my 57 Buick rear bumper at this year's Hot August Night 2011. What a bummer you guys weren't there. I will say I have had lots of chrome done by many shops over the years but the job you guys did for me was the greatest. Thank you so much and yes, I have some more projects in the near future so will be sending them for you to give estimates! For all those who are reading this I strongly recommend Ogden Chrome.
- Les T.